As cases of COVID-19 reach 330+ governor Whitmer is trying very hard to get the message out for people to stay home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Thursday she announced that she had teamed up with both the University of Michigan and Michigan State coaches to bring a unified message to encourage residents to take the pandemic seriously and adopt preventive measures to reduce their exposure as well as slow the spread of COVID-19 to other residents.

“As Michiganders, we take pride in our sport rivalries, but it’s so important for us to come together as one team during a time of crisis,” Whitmer said. “That’s why this message from Michigan State University and University of Michigan coaches is so critical. If we all take appropriate and responsible actions now, we can mitigate the spread of this virus and save lives.”

Watch the full video below... did you notice who got the first GO ____.  ?

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