There's a new venue opening in Muskegon where musicians can meet, create, listen, and record live audio and video of performances.

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The Ultimate Musician Experience

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As a musician, it can be hard to find other creative individuals to write, perform, and record with especially if you are looking to be a part of a specific genre.

Townsquare Media Boise/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Townsquare Media Boise/ThinkStock/GettyStock

Before a musician or band gets in front of big crowds, they need to hone their skills and find other creative musicians to work their craft out. Not everyone has the money for high-end microphones, instruments, and recording equipment. Some musicians are creating by themselves and need others to bounce ideas off of or at least play the songs they have created in order to see an audience's reaction. What if I told you there was a place like this opening in West Michigan?

New Venue With Listening Room, Concerts, Offering Audio, and Video Live Recordings

I have never heard of a music venue that is focused more on the creator side of music than selling tickets, and yes, the Starlight Room does sell tickets to events but they are more about helping musicians be able to create any genre of music and help those in the community who need a place to spotlight their talents.

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Maybe you have a great idea for a song but have no way to record it, the Starlight Room can help you with that.

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Maybe you or your group are getting ready to book a tour and don't have any quality live video that you would need for an EPK (electronic press kit), the Starlight Room can help you with that.

Where Is The Starlight Room?

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Starlight Room is on 4765 Airline Road in Muskegon. They are open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm. There is so much more to the Starlight Room I highly encourage you to go to their website, if you are a musician, songwriter, or someone who wants to be a part of the music business professionally or for fun or both, dive into what this company has to offer the community and the musicians looking for a place to learn and call home.

I wish that when I was coming up as a musician, there was a place like the Starlight Room around. This is a very innovative concept and I could see this catching on around the world.

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