As if haunted houses aren't scary enough. As if creepy clowns aren't just the most horrifying thing ever... Now we gotta worry about there being real life creeps dressed as clowns, attacking people with sex toys?!

The Daily Herald reports that an Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against the Massacre Haunted House in Montgomery, IL  after reportedly being assaulted and harassed by two workers dressed as clowns and holding sex toys.


According to WGN-9 Chicago Montgomery, Illinois resident Regina Janito says she visited the haunted house on October 11, with her 17-year-old daughter and three of the girl's friends. They were waiting in line to get tickets when they were approached by two men dressed as bloody clowns, wielding sex toys.

Court documents, obtained by the, report that one employee, Robert Keller, 23, used a sex toy to poke the 17-year-old. The other employee, who has not been named, simulated a sex act with the toy while Keller made repeated lewd and offensive remarks to Janito and her daughter.

The four then left the haunted attraction without buying tickets.

I'd say that's a good call.

The lawsuit states:  "The acts committed by Keller and John Doe were beyond the standards of civilized decency and beyond the scope of what society is willing to tolerate."

At this point, Keller has been arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct. In a mug shot released by police he is still wearing part of his bloody costume.


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