Area rivers are high and moving fast and its not the best time for kayaking and one family found out the hard way with a close call with a 3-year old.

According to FOX 17, a family member who was kayaking with a 3-year-old down the Rouge River hit a log and flipped the kayak. The family member was ok but the the kid was no where to be found.

Thank goodness for a pair of good samaritans, Austin Angell and Halie Peters, who heard screams while exiting their vehicle and the two jumped into action.

Peters said, "we heard nothing but screams and panic.

Angell said, "we heard a woman screaming, that her sons kayak had capsized. They couldn't find the kid."

The couple then bolted down stream looking for the kid who was said to be wearing a life preserver. Well Austin and Halie found the kayak down the river about a mile or so.

Angell said, "we're praying and screaming liek, please don't let him be in there."

The boy did turn out to be in the kayak but when Austin reached in to grab the boy's hand, the little guy grabbed back and the knew he was ok.

The boy somehow got trapped inside the kayak and was unable to get out or even fall out but lucky for him he was found before something worse happened.

Angelle went on to tell FOX 17, "I was able to pull him out. He gave me the absolute best hug in the world. When he grabbed my arm when he was in there and I yelled, he's's...I'll never forget that feeling for the rest of my life."

I know that people have been cooped up because of the virus, but remember, its the rainy season and with all the flooding, these rivers and streams are just not safe right now even for the most experienced folks on the water. Be safe.

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