Five West Michigan towns have been awarded grants for improving their water systems.

After the disaster of what happened to the water in Flint, it is nice to see that the Federal Government and the state of Michigan is now trying to further prevent these types of water issues from happening.

The two most essential things before food are water and air and that is why it is so important to make both are tip top.

According to WOOD, 15 communities across the state of Michigan have been given over $2 million in grant money to improve their water systems. 5 of those communities are in West Michigan.

There are two different types of grants that have been giving to Michigan communities  according to Governor Gretchen Whitmer. This is all a part of the Michigan Clean Water plan. One grant is the Drinking Water Asset Management grant and the other is the Affordability and Planning grant.

So far Muskegon Heights have received the Affordability and Planning grant in the amount of $135,000.

West Michigan recipients of the Drinking Water Asset Management grant are, Berrien Springs at $215,000, Plainwell at $269,950, Three Rivers at $274,775 and Union City at $191,760.

Gov. Whitmer said, "we will continue making significant investments under the MI Clean Water Plan to replace lead service lines, tackle toxic contaminants including PFAs, and upgrading wastewater and storm water management systems, all while creating thousands of good paying jobs. Today's grants will help communities across Michigan facing unique challenges (to) maintain and improve their water systems."

I don't know about you, but these are the kinds of things I like to see my tax money go to and that is helping keep Michigan's water systems clean for generations to come.

To learn more about the Michigan Clean Water plan and grants, just click here.

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