After Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, announced the stay at home order, the city of Grand Rapids released the current city changes and updates.

According to WOOD, Grand Rapids City Manager Mark Washington has provided a list of city services that are provided and just what is going on or not.

With the stay at home order lasting 3 weeks, if you are a resident of Grand Rapids or are working in the city, below are the steps the city has made.

If you are looking to contact city workers, it must be by email, phone or 311 Customer Service. 

Here are the city buildings that you are no longer able to walk in and use until April 14: All Grand Rapids Fire Department stations, City Hall, Grand Rapids, Development Center, Grand Rapids Police Department Headquarters, Mobile GR-Parking Services Department, Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments, Water Administration Building and Water Resource Recovery Facility.

If you are in need of any services from the police, please do the following: File a report online or by phone, notify 911 operators if anyone in your home is sick or under quarantine, meet officers outside of your home and stay 6 feet away from them.

If you are wondering about your tax returns regarding the city of Grand Rapids, the 2019 deadline for filing has been moved to July 31 which will allow you more time. If you need tax info it can be found here.

Here are some updates involving Mobile GR-Parking Services: There is a new temporary free parking zone program for downtown and neighborhood drop off and takeout services, more info is provided here, the city is halting enforcement of the seasonal odd/even and same side parking restrictions, suspending enforcement in residential parking permit zones, and suspending meter parking enforcement until further notice and focusing on safety violations with specific attention to medical facilities, GRPD and areas with food pickup services.

DASH service has been updated as of Tuesday, March 24: Operation will be 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, DASH West is 15 minute frequency, DASH North is 20 minute frequency.

Here are the steps Grand Rapids have put in place to slow the spread of the virus: All special event permit services are suspended, city commission meetings are postponed until April 14; no new applications for Community Development Block Grants contracts; rental certification inspections of all types are suspended; residential inspections are suspended except in the case of an emergency, health, safety or welfare concern; the city's yard waste drop off site won't reopen until April 14; water services will not be shut off through April 30 and accounts in shutoff status will be restored.

Here is a list of city services that are still up and running: 311 customer service (recommended as first place to contact); 61st District Court (service changes found online); building inspections, cemeteries, construction inspections, code enforcement, dispatch, fire, mobile GR-parking services, park maintenance and forestry, police, public works, refuse and recycling, sewer, streets, street lighting and water.

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