The election is just around the corner and the City of Grand Rapids City Clerk has made it easier for residents to drop off their absentee ballots by adding drop-off boxes around the city.

According to their website, as absentee ballots start going out to those who requested them this week, the city has placed 7 boxes around town where you can now drop off your absentee ballot.  You can also use the drop-off boxes for other voter materials like voter registration forms and absentee voter registration, as well.

Worried about dropping off your absentee ballot?  The City Clerk's office says don't be as the boxes will be monitored for security and they'll be checked and ballots or other material collected multiple times throughout the day. Most of the drop-box locations are located outside of Grand Rapids Public Library locations around the city.

As City Clerk Joel Hondorp said on the city's website,

“This is a safe and secure way for voters to cast their absentee ballot. The drop boxes offer another option for voters who want to maintain physical distancing during COVID-19.”

Boxes also include a narrow slot, so they're not very easily tampered with.  The boxes also have instructions on how to use them in both English and Spanish.

You can find the drop-off boxes, which are accessible 24/7,

  • GRPL’s Ottawa Hills branch, 1150 Giddings Ave. SE – curbside on Giddings

  • GRPL’s Seymour branch, 2350 Eastern Ave. SE – rear of building near the book drop

  • GRPL’s Van Belkum branch, 1563 Plainfield Ave. NE – curbside on Plainfield

  • GRPL’s West Leonard branch, 1017 Leonard St. NW – east parking lot

  • Parking lot at 427 Market Ave. SW – southwest corner of Market and Wealthy

  • 300 Ottawa Ave. NW – across from Calder Plaza

There's also a drop box inside the Monroe-Level lobby of City Hall, but it's only available during business hours, from 8 am to 5 pm.  The address for that box is 300 Monroe Ave., with free parking in the Government Center ramp off Monroe and Ottawa, according to the city website.

The City Clerk's office says you can also drop off your absentee ballot in-person,

  • City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 300 Monroe Ave. NW, second floor – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Validated parking is available in Government Center Ramp off Monroe and Ottawa.

  • Election Central, 201 Market Ave. SW – noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday starting Sept. 28. Free parking is available on-site.

If you need to see if you're registered to vote in the upcoming election or request an absentee ballot, or if you want to vote in-person and need to know where your polling place is, you can find all that info HERE through the Michigan SOS office.  If you are a Grand Rapids resident and want to request your absentee ballot locally, you can do that HERE.


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