We've been reading all of your messages over the past few months (and especially over the past week), and we're happy to report that the time has finally come - it's officially Christmas time on The River!

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Sure, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and we thought about waiting, but you convinced us that it was time.

Of course, you'll still be hearing from Andy Rent, but you'll also be hearing all of your favorite Christmas songs!

Is it too early? Some of you may say so. But, as we said, others have been asking for it for months! Plus, studies have proven that Christmas music is good for the soul.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song you'd like to hear this year? Maybe a version we haven't played in the past? Send us a message on the River app and let us know what you'd like to hear!

Merry Christmas from 100.5 The River!

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