So some crazy guys I was killing beers with last week told me about a book that bought for one of their buddies as a gag gift for his bachelor party. They said it was a new coffee table book called The Big Butt Book! And yes, its just what it sounds like, a coffee table book with a bunch of pictures of chicks with big fat gross butts in it!

They said according to the guy who put this book together it quote "celebrates the glory that is the delicious female booty!” Uh, if you ask me, I don't see anything that’s glorious, or delicious about a chick with a big, fat, flabby, gross, cottage cheesy, disgusting giant ass! I know, I know, to each their own and I'm ok with that. But how about instead a coffee table book with a bunch of chicks with smoking hot tight little butts?

I want to see Megan Fox in some boy-shorts, or Jessica Alba’s butt crack sticking out of a pair of little short shorts!

Or Jessica Biel sitting on a bar stool wearing a little thong or something, not some giant Big Mac ass seeping out of a pair of red biker shorts! Sorry, girls just not a fan of the big fat ass.

But, hey that’s just me, if any of you guys are interested in something disgusting like that, I guess you can look for The Big Butt Book at your local book store. Or maybe they can order it for you. Gross.

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