You will need to check your buns because there has been a recall.

According to WZZM, over 2,000 cases of hamburger buns have been recalled by Conargra.

The hamburger brand you need to be concerned about is called Udi's Classic Hamburger Buns. Those buns may be laced with small pieces of white if your buns are crunchy...not a good sign. The Udi buns have been shipped all across the United States.

The company who makes the buns claim a dough scraper was somehow incorporated into the process for a tiny amount of hamburger buns. The company is recalling all the buns from the batch to make sure none of the plastic gets ingested.

Fortunately the recall is only involved in buns that are in the 8 pack package. Lower or higher numbers of buns are unaffected. If you have a bag of Udi buns the code you are looking for to see if you need to through them out or return them is the UPC 00-6-98997-80913-5 that is found on the back of the 8 pack buns. You are also looking for the closure code that is 191971U that is found on the plastic piece that closes the bag.

According to Conagra there are no known reports of injuries due to anyone who has eaten any of the buns.

So check your bread box or freezer for the potentially affected buns.


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