When it comes to Christmas music, no one ever thinks that animals might like a song for the holidays.  That is, until now...

A British dog food company called Tails.com used scientific data, focus groups, and probably some sort of dog whisperer magic to create the world's first Christmas song made specifically for dogs.  It's called "Raise the Woof" and it's getting a lot of positive feedback from social media users and their dogs.

And why shouldn't it?  It's got a squeaky toy sound in the song, a nice sounding British woman asking if they want to go for a walkie, and of course it has its fill of dogs barking.

So, now we need to know what your dog thinks of the song.  Play it for your little furball and then take our poll below and tell us what your pupper thought of the song.

This is being described as the first song specifically for dogs, but animals and music have quite the history already.  For starters, a study in 2017 determined that dogs prefer reggae and soft rock over other types of music.  That's quite the neat little discovery seeing that "Raise the Woof" has a reggae beat in it.

And studies of what types of music that dogs like isn't the only link between canines and music.  In 2016, Laurie Anderson even put on a concert specifically for dogs in Times Square in New York City.  You can check out a clip below.

What did your dog think of that one?

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