A Day to Remember hit the Van Andel Wednesday, August 31st with Blink 182, and freaking brought it! (Do I have to use the broughtened it version in that sentence?) Anyway, ADTR kicked ass last night, however you want to say it.

I missed the openers (sorry guys), and just got out of work in time to see ADTR's whole set, which is cool, and caught the crowd going nuts.

There was even a dude who got stretchered out of the show, before Blink 182 could even get on stage! That's how crazy he must have gotten during ADTR. Maybe he was in the circle pit during "Paranoia". You can see the pit during the video above.

ADTR Stretcher guy (photo Johnnie Walker)

The guys in ADTR did a great show, and if you missed it, enjoy. If you got carted out on a stretcher, this is what did it to you!