This seems to happening a lot and here we are once again talking about a cell phone stores being broken into in Kent County.

According to FOX 17, police are investigating a couple stores that sell cell phones that were broken into over early Friday morning.

Police said the first break in was at a Sprint Store at 2927 Breton Road in Kent County. Police did not announce if any items were stolen. Police did say the front door and the windows were both smashed.

Shortly after the first Sprint Store was hit, a second Sprint Store had an attempted break in. This Sprint Store was located at 5370 S Division Avenue South in Grand Rapids. This store had similar damage as the first one with broken windows and door but the would be thieves were unable to get inside the store.

Police think that both incidents are connected and are investigating both cases. There are surveillance images of the suspects so it shouldn't take too long to track them down.

Last year Kent County was hit with a rash of cell phone store break-ins.


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