When I first saw this clip, I didn't realize it was actually a Friskies' Super Bowl commercial. I know. They got me.

BUT. It is funny. And cute. Because, kittens!

Also, you have to admit that some of the stuff humans do when watching the Super Bowl is pretty strange. 

The commercial is a continuation of Friskies' and BuzzFeeds' "Dear Kitten" series, which has an older, wiser cat teaching a tiny, orange kitten the ways of the world.

In this episode, the elder cat is explaining human behavior in regards to the big game.

"First they compete to see who can look the dumbest while taking up the most room."


"At random intervals, they all shout. And the person who gets up the fastest and shouts the loudest is the winner and gets to hit everyone else."

But the kitties also have some tricks up their sleeves (um, on their paws?) to get the weirdo Super Bowl-watching humans to give them exactly what they want.

According to Business Wire, the commercial will air during the game in select markets and its the the first time that both BuzzFeed and Friskies have advertised during the Big Game.

Watch more "Dear Kitten" on Buzzfeeds' and Friskies'YouTube channel.

I've shared some of my favorites below.

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