Holy cat collusion Batman, there's a new cat woman and she has been busted in Three Rivers, Michigan, hoarding 210 cats.

I never have understood the cat lady, you know the old lady with 4 or 5 cats not to mention all the strays she feeds on the back porch. How the heck does a person wind up with 210 cats in their house.

Personally I'm not much of a cat guy, they are ok to pet but I can't stand the smell they leave in a house and if they urinate somewhere, you may never get that smell out of the house. I'm not knocking cat owners, I know plenty of people who love them.

I can't imagine nor do I want to imagine the smell of 210 cats. My guess is you could probably smell them coming up the driveway. I don't even know how someone could afford feeding that many cats unless they were a professional cat breeding business.

According to WOOD, 44-year-old Diane Pitone has been charged with one felony count of animal cruelty, involving more than 25 animals.

I can smell the cat pee as I'm writing this and I'm nowhere near Three Rivers, Michigan.

When authorities arrived at Pitones house they found more than 150 cats in a home that was a wasteland of cat poo, empty food cans and a stench that made the home unfit and unsafe for humans or animals to occupy.

What get's even crazier is that the cat woman had a boyfriend who lived in another home and cops had to remove more than 60 cats that belonged to her that was at his house.

A tip was sent to animal control who then sent out an officer to take a look and said the smell of of cat urine and feces was overwhelming.

Now I get people loving animals, there's nothing wrong with that, but taking in animals you cannot properly care for is a problem.

The home of Pitone is in such bad shape the St. Joseph County Environmental Health Department has condemned the home until it is cleaned. Then the home has to go through a full inspection before a decision can be made to let someone live there.

I highly doubt they will ever get the smell out of the cat woman's home unless you take the floorboards out also.

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