A man in Allegan County suspected of stealing five cars over a two days at gunpoint was shot by a sheriff's deputy.

According to WOOD, Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker said, "it sounds like he was crashing the vehicles, getting out and then carjacking another one at gunpoint."

The shooting took place early Sunday morning in Fennville, Michigan. The suspect suffered significant injuries and is still in the hospital.

The 22-year-old suspect began his the alleged car stealing spree in near Martin Saturday around 7 p.m. That particular vehicle was found by abandoned by deputies.

The suspect later was seen driving another stolen vehicle in Wayland and that is when deputies began a car chase. The suspect crashed in the Hopkins area and took off on foot. Authorities went after the man with a police dog but due to rain the dog lost the scent and the man got away.

A Corvette that had been swiped Saturday night crashed and the suspect hoped out with an AR-15 assault rifle and took another vehicle at gunpoint on M-40.

The suspect tried stealing another vehicle and a home owner spotted him in action and the owner exchanged gun fire with the suspect. The home owner was not hit with any return fire.

That is when the suspect entered a home and held a family hostage at gunpoint. The suspect was going to steal their truck but deputies showed up before he could hit the road, they fired at the suspect and shot him since authorities found him a threat to the public.

No deputies were injured in the shooting. The Michigan State Police have stepped to investigate the officer that was involved in the shooting. The sheriff's department are handling the investigation into all the car thefts.

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