As an employee, have you wondered if it was legal for your boss to make you get a COVID-19 vaccination?

Where I work it was not mandatory for us employees to get vaccinated. Yes it was strongly encouraged but most of us love our jobs and respect our co-workers so no one had to ask us to get vaccinated. Everyone got vaccinated as soon as the were able to.

Well according to WOOD, yes your employer can make getting a vaccination mandatory but there are a few exceptions.

I guess the deal is, because of safety issues for employees, U.S. employers can require a vaccination but you most likely won't lose your job if you decided it is not for you. This is where is gets tricky legally because an employer could make you sign a waiver or even have you agree to do your job with certain restrictions so if you get the virus you won't expose your co-workers.

Unless you have a health conditions that requires you not to get vaccinated, when it comes to your health and safety of your family and co-workers, I just don't understand why a person wouldn't get vaccinated. This is not some made up virus or something that only certain people can get, this is something that has affected the entire world.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are the ones who make these decisions for employers and in the past they have allowed companies to mandate flu as well as other vaccines. They have given the green light to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory.

My thing is if something is mandatory, why can't the company also add an incentive to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. You know, a paid day off or bonus, something that would entice more people to want to do it rather than make it seem like an order from the man.

If you haven't won the Powerball jackpot, it is pretty safe to say the odds are in your favor of getting vaccinated and you being just fine and you will be able to enjoy things safely like you used to.

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