If nothing else, during the last year or so we've learned that a lot of people have jobs where they can work remotely. You don't even have to head into the office, or even be in the same city as your job.

Well now, some communities will pay you to pack up and move, and work remotely from a new location.

And we aren't talking a couple of hundred dollars here. Some communities are paying tens of thousands of dollars to entice you to make the move to their area.

The website Make My Move makes it easy to see all the deals that are being offered up.

The biggest incentive package I found was for Morgantown, West Virginia. They are offering up $12,000 in cash, but another $8,000 in various gifts and incentives for a grand total of $20,000!

The website describes Morgantown this way: "There's a lot to love about this mountain community. A college town that's a quick hop to five major metros, Morgantown has become a destination for remote workers, even before they started offering cold-hard-cash. Home to great schools and even greater views, come find what John Denver was making such a fuss about."

There are other communities across the country offering up similar types of incentives.

Even Southwest Michigan is offering up a reward for moving here. If someone from out of state wanted to move to the Benton Harbor area, they could receive a $15,000 forgivable grant with the purchase of a new home. (Sorry, you cannot currently be a Michigan resident).

I'm really liking the offer from Honolulu, Hawaii. Remote workers get deep travel discounts and a relocation reimbursement of $2,500. Plus, the deal only requires a 30-day stay. Hmmm, I'll have to check with our engineer and see if I could to a month-long radio broadcast from Hawaii this winter!


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