As an alum and person who enjoys alliteration, I always thought "Calvin College" had a nice ring to it... well that's changing in 2020.

WZZM 13 reports Calvin's board of trustees unanimously agreed to change the name to Calvin University in 2020. The year will mark the 100th anniversary of Calvin becoming a four-year college

Part of its "Vision 2030", the school says the reason behind the change is "Calvin's strength, breadth, and depth of its academic programs; new opportunities for academic innovation; and the college’s increasing influence with students and higher education partners around the globe."

Calvin says that for its international students, "university" is more visible and better understood than "college".

Calvin College president Michael Le Roy said in a release,

“This direction enables us to live into what has already been true about Calvin, and it will better position us for the innovative work that is necessary for the future... We see this move providing a great opportunity to introduce more people to Calvin’s distinctive Christian mission.”


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