If you remember the failed Fyre Festival in the Bahamas where big artists were promised and thousands of tickets were sold to an event that did not happen, then watch out for the Meeting of the Minds festival allegedly coming to Kalamazoo.

According to WOOD, a local concert promoter in Kazoo says a festival is coming to a Kalamazoo County farm featuring artists like Drake and Cardi B...there's only one problem, the people that own the farm know nothing about it and neither do the sponsors or charities that are allegedly involved.

The Meeting of the Minds festival has tickets starting at $130, it lists tons of sponsors and charities money will be donated to but nothing seems to be checking out.

The person running the festival is a man named Tyler Holland who said, "The concert is actually still in the works. (I've) Been in contact with the sponsors. This is the week that they have to give us a call back. Been in contact with all the agents and artists and everything like that. The people that are saying this is a scam are actually trying to steal my business."

Nearly 2,000 tickets have already been sold to an event that no artists or sponsors have been confirmed. Not to mention it usually takes 6 to 8 months of promotion to make a festival work and in most cases all the sponsors and artists are confirmed before a promotional launch.

Holland claims he has already sold 1,700 tickets.

The address of the farm that the concert website says the festival will take place at is just outside of Kalamazoo. EastFork farms is a horse farm that is all about horses and lessons.

The head instructor at EastFork, Amy Newman said, "Apparently we're inviting people to come here. Please don't come."

Tara East, the owner of the property said, "It has to be a scam. There is no concert there. Its private property."

People who have already purchased tickets, may want to seek a refund immediately. If you are thinking of getting tickets, buyer beware, because so far, nothing checks out about the Meeting of the Minds festival.


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