Christmas tree farms all across Michigan are having a fantastic season but that is not the case for those in the Western part of the country.

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What Does It Take To Grow A Great Christmas Tree?

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First, you have to have some land to grow some great Christmas trees but if you think it's planting and cutting and you are done, you are way off. After planting, you must keep the trees weed-free, keep an eye out for insects, feed and water them, and do a little trimming here and there and in 8 to 12 years you will have some sweet trees to sell, that is providing the weather is right.

2022 A Great Season For West Michigan Christmas Tree Farms

Rows of douglas fir Christmas trees at local Christmas tree farm.

West Michigan was only really dry in the month of June this year. The rest of the summer and fall was filled with plenty of rain and sunshine. Christmas tree farms all across West Michigan had a great season to finish growing trees they have been working on for years and business is good. The weather is a key factor in the success of this year's Christmas tree harvests.

What Types of Christmas Trees Are Grown in Michigan?

Gerardo Martinez Cons/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Gerardo Martinez Cons/ThinkStock/GettyStock

Michigan has several varieties of Christmas trees that grow very well in the state. The Fraser fir is probably the number choice tree for consumers and farmers but there are some go-to's that include Scotch pine, Colorado blue spruce, Douglas-fir, Concolor fir, and Canaan fir that all have unique characteristics and make for a great tree to have in your home for the holidays.

Christmas Tree Farms Out West Had a Tough Year

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The drought that has hit the western part of the United States has been getting worse every year. This is really creating demand and some West Michigan Christmas tree farms have been seeing the decline out west and ramping up production to ship many trees out of state.

Eyecandy Images/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Eyecandy Images/ThinkStock/GettyStock

The demand is very high this year for a real Christmas tree as people are still trying to normalize after the pandemic. The good news is, if you live in West Michigan and want a great live tree, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

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