We all know school ain't cheap and some people are in debt to their loans for a lifetime so this is an opportunity to take advantage of because Burger King is helping out in a whopping big way.

Now through June 6th your favorite (at least now it is) fast food restaurant is picking people at random and paying off eating up their student loans. It's a new promotion they're calling Whopper Loans. What's the catch? There isn't one. Well, you have to download the BK app, make a purchase, and then let them know how much you owe in loans per month. 300 people will be chosen at random and will receive up to $500 of their student debt covered and one grand prize winner will receive $100,000 towards their loan!

All this and all you have to do is order something off the app?! GET TO IT!

Get more info about the contest rules here.

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