Man, talk about a not fun way to kill yourself! Another crazy story that popped up while drinking beers the other night. It’s about a 22 year old Nevada guy named Jeremy Butcher that decided that life licked balls and decided to off himself. But instead of going a more traditional route, you know like an overdose, slitting the wrists, or maybe a hanging, the guy decided on extreme suicide!

This happened in Nevada remember, there’s a lot of cliffs out there. The guy tied a 75 foot rope around his neck and then tied the other end of the rope to big tree, and then took a running swan dive off a 200 foot cliff! Guess what happened 75 feet later? The rope snapped his head clean off his body!

Both the guys severed head and his body were found at the bottom of the cliff by some hikers about 4 days later. I guess suicide is not meant to be fun, but how not fun would that suicide be! You know they got those suicide hot lines


right, so if you, are maybe thinking about killing yourself, you should probably call one of those first.

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