Guns N' Roses' notoriously unpredictable frontman Axl Rose has left a different impression on many different people who've met him throughout the years, but he once left Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd "speechless."

"I have always really loved Axl — as a singer, as a frontman. I just really think he's a really talented guy," Todd confessed during an episode of the Appetite for Distortion podcast.

Buckcherry played a couple of shows with Guns N' Roses back in 2011, but Todd hadn't met Rose yet. By the time GN'R would hit the stage each night, Buckcherry were already on their way to the next city, so they didn't have a chance to meet — until the end of the run, when their tour manager informed them that Rose wanted to say hello to them.

"We're in the hallway of some arena. He comes out. He walks towards us, he's got a bag. It's plastic bag from Best Buy," Todd recalled. "He goes, 'How are you guys doing? I just wanna say it was nice having you guys out.' And he takes his bag out and he hands all of us an iPad — each of us an iPad — from Best Buy."

The Buckcherry singer said that the exchange left him speechless.

"It was one of the coolest gestures from one of your heroes that's ever happened. It wasn't that we got an iPad, it was that fucking Axl Rose gave us a fucking iPad. And we took a picture with him. And that was it. He left and walked onstage," he continued, adding that it was one of his most wonderful experiences.

Watch the full episode below.

Former GN'R guitarist DJ Ashba also has fond memories playing with Rose, and said earlier this week that he believes the singer is simply misunderstood.

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