It's going to be tough to be looking to the skies this weekend and hoping to see fireworks. So many displays have been cancelled due to COVID19/Coronavirus fears. Locally, it look like Allendale will be the only community to fire them off, except of course your own back yard. However, there will be something fun to look forward to, and that's a full moon and an eclipse!

Not only will you see a full moon on July 4 and 5, but an eclipse.....of sorts. The webiste talks about the penumbral eclipse, which occurs when the Moon crosses through the faint outer edge of Earth’s shadow (the penumbra), making part of the Moon appear ever-so-slightly darker than usual.

It's probably not easy to see since it is so slight, but, hey, it's a lunar phenomena and not seen very often, and, without fireworks, this will be our excitement in the sky!

It will begin at 11:04 P.M. EDT on July 4 and end at 1:56 A.M. EDT on July 5, 10:56 P.M.

By the way, you're probably wondering why it's also call the Buck Moon and maybe Thunder Moon. That is because a buck's antler's are usually full at this time of the year, and because thunderstorms sometimes will occurs around this time.

Ironically, it's possible, with only a slight risk, of a thunderstorm Saturday or Sunday. Weird, huh? I guess they may have it right!

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