Bruce Campbell‘s love for the Evil Dead saga helped spur Ash Vs. Evil Dead in the first place, but the Starz star is ready to hang up the chainsaw. Following last week’s cancellation, Campbell claims he’s “retired” from fighting Deadites.

Recent confirmation that Ash Vs. Evil Dead would end with its third season finale on April 29 had fans understandably primed to fight for the Starz series’ survival on another network. Netflix already hosts prior episodes of the series, and Bloody Disgusting helped organize fans to let the streaming service know they’d have a built-in audience for Season 4. Campbell caught wind of the effort, however, and expressed resignation with Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s fate:

Said the actor after last week’s cancellation:

Ash vs. Evil Dead has been the ride of a lifetime. Ash Williams was the role of a lifetime. It was an honor to reunite with Evil Dead partners Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to give our tireless fans another taste of the outrageous horror/comedy they demanded. I will always be grateful to Starz for the opportunity to revisit the franchise that launched our careers.

For his part, Campbell has appeared in numerous other projects beside Ash Vs. Evil Dead, including the second season of FX’s Fargo and AMC’s upcoming Lodge 49. It remains to be seen if Ash Vs. Evil Dead will end with sufficient closure on April 29, but is Campbell nonetheless right to move on? Watch the final trailer below.

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