This weekend the Marvel cinematic universe is expanding with one of the most anticipated movies of 2022 with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. People will be packing theatres throughout Michigan to see the next chapter in Dr. Strange's story as he attempts to save the world using magic and sharp wit.

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But something I didn't expect when I sat down to see the movie were TWO separate Michigan references in the movie.

** If you haven't seen Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Magic, what I'm about to tell you isn't exactly a plot spoiler, but it will take the fun out of seeing it for yourself. So, I recommend saving this article to read AFTER you see the movie. AKA: this is a light spoiler warning, proceed with caution.**

The first Michigan themed easter egg was...

Detroit's very own BRUCE CAMPBELL!

Bruce has a quick cameo in the movie, but it's one of the best ones. When Dr. Strange and America Chavez appear in the alternative multiverse that sets the stage for a large chunk of the movie, you see America holding what are called "pizza balls" after she explains that when you land in a new multiverse, the first thing you do is find food.

Dr. Strange asks her how she paid for it, and she explains that "most universes have food for free", and that the world we currently live in is strange to charge people.

That's when you suddenly hear "Hey, You didn't pay for that!" from a familiar voice, and Bruce Campbell appears on screen. Dr. Strange then casts a spell on him that causes him to punch himself in the face repeatedly so that they can escape him, and America asks how long the spell lasts to which Dr. Strange replies "A few weeks".

Getty / Canva
Getty / Canva

Then, if you stay through the end credits of the movie, you get a fun resolution of the Bruce Campbell situation, he appears quickly, still exhausted and punching himself after what you're lead to believe is a few weeks, and then he smiles and says "It's finally over!" and the movie is entirely done.

What about the other Michigan Easter Egg?


Okay, this one is a little more accidental than purposeful, but there is a scene midway through the movie where Dr. Strange and America Chavez are captured by a different version of Christine Palmer, his former girlfriend in the other universe, and Christine is explaining that they are aware that Dr. Strange and America Chavez are from another universe.

Christine tells them that while they are in a certain universe, the universe that all of our Marvel characters come from is Earth number 616.

And while I highly DOUBT they meant to insinuate that all of the Marvel characters are from West Michigan, it still made an entire room full of people gasp in joy when they said it during my screening.

The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is fun, mind bending, and sprinkled with just enough Michigan to make it an absolute treat to see.

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