Hunting can be competitive in a fun way but one Newaygo County brother took the competition to another level against his own brother.

According to WOOD, a man in White Cloud, Michigan, has been charged with two misdemeanors that interfered in the hunting of his brother.

The White Cloud man apparently sprayed anti deer spray on his brothers ladders to his tree stands but what he didn't know was that his brother had trail cameras set up to catch people hunting his stands. The cameras caught the brother spraying the the ladders with anti deer repellent in stead of other hunters.

The brother that had the trail cameras set up turned in the SD cards to the Department of Natural Resources that captured his brother spraying down his ladder stands with an unknown substance.

The DNR paid the suspected brother a visit and that is when he allegedly admitted that he did in fact spay liquid fence on his brother's stands to keep deer from walking by. Sorry but this is where I laughed out loud.

The suspect brother said he let his emotions get the best of him because he and his brother were competing to get the edge on each other in getting a deer.

The stands that were sprayed were actually on public hunting land. What happened was the two brothers father passed away and left them some land to hunt. One brother had a better spot than the other, so the other brother moved over to the public land and cut the other brother off from seeing the deer first.

The two brothers were basically cutting each other off and that is when the other brother escalated the hunting feud by spraying the deer repellent.

The suspected brother is awaiting to be arraigned.


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