Bring Me the Horizon's new album That's the Spirit  just came out! Keyboardist and songwriter Jordan Fish called GRD to chat about it, recording on an island in Greece, their upcoming U.S. tour, and more!

Jordan talked about recording That's the Spirit, the band's 5th album, on the Greek island of Santorini, the site one of largest volcanic eruptions in history-- but that was a few thousand years ago. While still an active volcano, the island sounds like a tropical paradise, complete with rock formations, black sand beaches, and kick-ass pools.

In addressing Bring Me the Horizon's current sound- which is less screaming and metal, more singing and alternative/ indie- Jordan talked about the their single "Drown":

"We kind of moved in that direction on the last one [album]. When we came to write this one, we didn't know what we were going to do. We released 'Drown' as a single last year and it's sort of become a really big song for us. I think that subconsciously we were kind of testing the waters to see if people would accept that... because it was such a radical change. And then when we came to write the album we just kind of wrote what we wanted to write and the stuff that was exciting us. Until we finished we didn't really realize it was such a big leap... For us it feels like a natural progression."

Check out the full interview in which Jordan talks about connecting with fans on social media, touring with A Day to Remember and more above!