Bring Me the Horizon lead singer Oli Sykes recently relayed that he can understand why some fans might have thought his band were "a bunch of wankers" back in the day.

Well, at least we think that's what he said. In the interview where he said it, with London's The Daily Telegraph, the word is censored in print as both "w--kers" and "w---ers," leaving us confused as readers on the other side of the pond. Workers? Winkers? Wackers? Wickers?

We're joking, of course — the spirit of the quote remains in Sykes' summation. He recalled when Bring Me the Horizon's early days as metalcore headbangers might not have made the best impression. But the musician said it's all shaped up in their favor.

"I don't quite know how we've turned things around," the Bring Me the Horizon singer mused to the British newspaper in an interview that emerged last week (Aug. 26).

"We were so derided 15 years ago," Sykes continued, "it felt like we were getting on everyone's tits. I've got zero bitterness to anyone who used to hate our band though. If I weren't in it, I’d have probably thought we were a bunch of wankers as well. We've worked hard to become a proper band though and I think people respect that. It feels like people are on our side now, rather than constantly trying to knock us down a peg."

We know that's right. After all, would wankers play over 150 shows in a year to satisfy their fans worldwide? Would they work to reduce their carbon emissions on the road? Would they compete in a triathlon for LGBTQ+ pride in Ukraine? We think not.

Last month, Bring Me the Horizon released the new single "sTraNgeRs," which is slated to appear on their forthcoming second EP in their Post Human series of releases. Watch the music video below.

Bring Me the Horizon, "sTraNgeRs" (Music Video)

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