Breaking Benjamin are serving up a reminder of what the summer of 2020 could have been, posting new video of a previous live collaboration between the band and Bush's Gavin Rossdale, as they team up to cover Alice in Chains' classic track "Would?"

The video was taken back in February during Breaking Benjamin's performance in Reno, Nevada around the time the two bands announced they would be touring together this summer.

Breaking Benjamin stated in releasing the video, “In an alternate universe, we’re onstage in New Jersey on our Summer tour with @bush, @theory__, @SaintAsonia and @corymarksmusic, but in reality, your health and safety comes first. We’re aching to get back on stage, but we know that together, we’ll make it through this and come out stronger than ever. Thanks to @gavin Rossdale of @bush for joining us on stage earlier this year to cover a classic, and thanks to all of you for your unending dedication and support ... We can’t wait to see you on the road again."

In the clip, you realize why the summer tour was such a big deal for Breaking Benjamin's Ben Burnley. He explains to the crowd at the top of the video, "Twenty years ago when I was about 15 or 16 years old, I drove about three hours to see one of my favorite bands of all-time. I was a teenager at the time and they were called Bush. I stood in the crowd and I was in the pit, and Gavin Rossdale was playing and I was standing there looking at him the whole time, just screaming and singing every word ... He looked at me a couple of times and I was kind of freaked out about it." Given the band's career, he's now able to perform alongside Rossdale and had planned to be on tour with Bush this summer.

While the tour is not able to happen due to the current pandemic, there was summer tour merchandise printed up for the run, which can currently be purchased at Breaking Benjamin's website. There were also playlists made with the artists from the tour that can be heard here.

Breaking Benjamin + Gavin Rossdale, "Would?" (Alice in Chains Cover)

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