Aaron Paul's demonstration of the Xbox One's voice commands in this new commercial has us saying, "Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!" And it also has our Xbox Ones coming to life.

Thanks to Destructoid, we have watched the latest commercial for Xbox One starring Aaron Paul of 'Breaking Bad' fame. We originally thought the actor would be decked out in his baggy, Jesse Pinkman attire and say something along the lines of, "Yo, Mr. White, this console takes voice commands, b-tch!"

While this didn't happen, we're still glad to see Xbox choosing a respectable actor to advertise its product. The Emmy Award-winning actor can be seen using the Xbox One's Kinect functionality to help turn on his system, play Titanfall and record game footage. He even used the Snap function to watch TV as he played.

Unfortunately, for viewers at home, there have been reports that Paul saying "Xbox, on!" has been switching on Xbox Ones for people watching the commercial. This is kind of funny since the Xbox One isn't supposed to pick up commands from sources like televisions, but Paul's an Emmy winner, so this kinda makes sense.

Still, regardless of voice command snafus, it's great to see the Xbox One's voice functionality advertised by one of our recent favorites.

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