Three Days Grace is ready to release their new album, Human, on March 31st, and they've been riding high with the success of both 'Painkiller', and 'I Am Machine' over the last year.

To get Grand Rapids ready for the new album, Brad called in to talk to me about the new album, how the songs got written, and how touring affected the songs:

"Touring it kind of allowed us to jam it at sound check. When you jam it live is when you know if it's going to work, you know?"

Brad also talked about the writing process, and how many songs got written before they finally put their foot down and forced themselves to put out the album.

"Man, we wrote a lot of songs. I think we wrote 40 songs. And we just kept writing it, and so we thought, 'okay, the record' done!' And then we'd write a couple new songs that were better than the old ones, and we just kept upping our own album."

Three Days Grace has a lot more touring ahead of them for the new album, and they're hitting South America, Europe, and more, before coming back to the US in the fall. I even learned some of what Brad likes to do on tour, and what music they use to pump themselves up before a show:

"We kind of chill in the afternoon, and the meet up in the dressing room, have a few drinks, and get ready to go. I always make playlists up, and it's always heavy, man. There's a lot of Deftones and Korn in there."

Check out the interview (in a fun cartoon form), for more from Brad and Three Days Grace!

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