I'm not sure how many people bowl but there are still a number of bowling alleys in the area and because of the pandemic are not open to the public.

I haven't bowled in a while, it's been about two years since my son and I attempted a few games.

I used to bowl on leagues back in the day but that was during a time that I had time to make the commitment to be on a team for 8 months of the year. I don't have that kind of time anymore but still like to roll a ball every now and then.

Since cases of COVID-19 started to rise again in the state of Michigan, the Governor Whitmere has had to slow the reopening of the state and places like gyms, fitness centers and bowling alleys have been shutdown.

According to WOOD, a representative at Spectrum Entertainment Complex in Wyoming says the losing money and time. The company along with the Bowling Centers Association of Michigan are going to sue Gov. Whitmer for not letting them reopen.

Spectrum Entertainment Complex Partner Mike Eaton Jr. told WOOD, "every day we get phone calls, every day we get questions on Facebook for wanting to know when bowling is going to reopen again. It breaks my heart every time I have to tell them I don't know."

Bowling is a lot of fun for people of all ages. It is always great to get together with family or friends and have a few laughs.

Some bowling alleys are bigger than others which the bigger ones will allow better opportunities to social distance from others and obviously all the lanes can't be open once the bowling alleys can reopen.

It is very unfortunate that Spectrum Entertainment Complex is unopen since the Eatons had invested $6 million to expand the facility with a 40 lanes a 12 lane boutique style experience, golf simulators, restaurant, bars and even a convention center. That is a lot of money to invest especially when you are not making any money.

Currently the Eatons have their restaurant open but it is not enough to float their whole business.

Hopefully soon the COVID-19 cases will begin to decline so the Eatons and other alley owners can back going what they do best and that is providing some fun at the alley for you and I.


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