With the temperatures dropping, the last thing you would want is an unexpected swim in the Grand River, and that is exactly what happened to a couple of fisherman.

According to WOOD, two men had to be saved from the Grand River in Grand Rapids Tuesday morning when their boat capsized while fishing.

The boat capsized near the 6th street Dam around 10:30. No information has been released about what exactly caused the boat to turn over in the first place.

Grand Rapids Fire Department Battalion Chief Kathleen Thompson said, "It sounds like they got too close to the dam."

Luckily for the two men that other fisherman were in the area and were able to pull them to safety according to the Grand Rapids Police Department.

The men were quickly removed from the water keeping hypothermia out of the picture but they were hauled off to an area hospital. So far no serious injuries have been reported but one man was complaining about a sore shoulder.

Thompson said, "we have people who don't appreciate how evil this river can be."

The Grand Rapids Fire Department are now in the process of recovering the fisherman's boat.

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