A truck hauling a large boat during a snowstorm slid off the road on I-96 near the East Beltline ramp Wednesday morning. There were no injuries reported. There were, however, some comments made on Fox 17's Facebook page :

Kel said,

I'm just over here trying to mind my own business. But. Why?!?!?!

Quinette commented,

He either almost made it or had the good sense to stop. Either way at least he was on the exit ramp.

Scott posted,

This is why they have 'No wake zones'.

Bradley weighed in, "Fish r bitin!!!!"

The post has created over 785 engagements online so far.

The Michigan State Police offer advice on winter driving.

Some other basic safety tips for winter driving include allowing extra time to arrive at your destination. Slow down and be alert for other vehicles around you that may lose control, and allow at least four seconds between vehicles. Troopers also recommend you allow no less than a car-length in front of you when you are stopped behind another vehicle at a slippery intersection, and then watch your rear-view mirror for cars that may approach you too fast from behind.

The MSP also reminds drivers that it can take up to ten times longer to stop your vehicle on snowy or icy roads. It's also important to note that four wheel drive doesn't make much of a difference. While 4WD will make it so that you're less likely to slip when you're accelerating, it doesn't make it any easier to stop your vehicle.

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