Today on Segment 16, the guys get an update on the 2012 Squirrel Blowtorch Apartment Fire case. The original judgement was going to cost the people $2 MILLION! But recently, the settlement came WAY down, much to the relief of the insurance company, I'm sure.

If you don't remember the case, you can find all the details here. In a nutshell, a woman's idiot boyfriend decided to use a blowtorch to remove the fur from a squirrel that I guess he was keen on eating.

His blowtorch skills were quite unimpressive, as he didn't de-fur the squirrel, but DID manage to set her entire apartment building on fire. A lot of people who lived in that complex were homeless for a while, and were probably planning a beatdown of the idiot boyfriend.

A couple years ago, a judge ruled that the woman and her boyfriend had to pay $2 Million in damages, but in August that was overturned, and then settled recently for $300,000. Which her insurance company has to pay.

I can't imagine she's really insurable anymore.


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