When temperatures rise, blood donations go down, which means shortages at area blood banks but you can change all that.

According to WZZM, World Blood Donor Day is this Friday and Grand Rapids, Michigan could use your help in donating blood at a location nearest you.

To encourage blood donations this Friday, the Versiti Blood Center of Michigan are offering a special car windshield sunshade while supplies last to donor centers and mobile community drives across the state.

Summer activities lead to blood shortages due to college and high school blood drives being non-existent simply because they are out having fun with family and friends. The bad side of this is, summer months produce a higher number of incidents of trauma and other emergency situations. Which makes O-negative blood highly sought after.

If you can schedule a blood donation sooner than later, you would really be helping out your community when it needs you the most.

If you are 17 or older and in good health, all you need is an photo ID and you can donate. If you are 16 you will need your parents consent to donate. Here is all the info you need to be ready to donate.


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