Every so often we're reminded that audience member presence onstage isn't always welcome. Such was the case Sunday night (Nov. 20) in Melbourne, Australia when one stage crasher got an up-close look at The Black Crowes' Chris and Rich Robinson's instruments while battling with security to remain in the spotlight.

The band were well into their performance, just starting "Stare It Cold" when an audience member evaded security and began to run around the stage. As the man circled back across stage to flee security, singer Chris Robinson attempted to impede his progress by swinging his microphone stand at him, but he missed.

Eventually, security caught up with the man at the side of the stage where the man struggled to remain onstage, which is when guitarist Rich Robinson interceded, moving toward the tussle between the man and the security guard to use his guitar to strike the stage crasher in the chest, forcing him offstage in the process.

Both Robinson brothers can be seen then yelling into the crowd after the man had finally been removed from the stage and then calling for his removal from the show before re-starting "Stare It Cold."

The Melbourne stop was the final date of the band's first tour of Australia in 14 years. As with most of the shows since Chris and Rich Robinson reunited and reactivated the band, they celebrated the 30th anniversary of their Shake Your Money Maker debut as part of the performance.

See fan-shot footage of the stage-crashing incident from a variety of angles below.

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