Something new has landed at a few Grand Rapids intersections to help drivers and bicyclists travel safer together.

According to WOOD TV, bike boxes have popped up in a couple of Grand Rapids intersections.

The first two bike boxes are found along North Division Avenue at the intersections of Lyon Street and Pearl Street. The bike boxes make it so cyclists can move ahead of traffic when stopped at a red light.

Bike boxes are set up to make bicyclists more visible to motorists and help people riding bikes to get through intersections more quickly causing less delays and confusion for all involved.

The bike boxes are poart of a "A Better Bikeway" pilot program that gives painted lines and signage for vehicle traffic and help cyclists guide through North Division Avenue between Michigan and Coldbrook streets.

A Bicycle Action Plan was created for Grand Rapids to help make the city a world class bicycle community.

There is no word on how many more bike boxes that city plan to add.


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