Calling any artist "the biggest of all time" is definitely a loaded statement. How do you measure the size of their impact? Is it their global popularity or how many chart certifications they've received?

Linkin Park's debut release Hybrid Theory was the year 2001's best-selling album. They were slapped with the "nu-metal" label, which put them into the same category as bands such as Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit, but there was more to them than what initially met the eye. They weren’t just angry metal bros, they were being vulnerable and singing about emotional subjects, preaching positivity... and as time went by, they transcended the nu-metal genre and even heavy music entirely.

Their career was built on change and experimentation, and while it didn’t always go over well, you can’t argue the impact they made as a heavy band. So where do Linkin Park stand on the list of the most impactful metal bands in history?

Hybrid Theory has since reached diamond status in the U.S., which is something that only bands as massive as Metallica and Van Halen (and others) have accomplished. Of course, the songs on the Linkin Park debut are catchy, but what set them apart was Chester Bennington’s ability to capture the emotion and turmoil of life in his singing and screaming. From there, they were able to build an audience made of both hard rock and metal fans alike.

The band released another six studio albums since then, five of which were certified platinum at least once. Throughout their journey, they explored different paths musically, making it impossible to classify them under a single genre today.

Though Bennington tragically died in 2017 and the band's future is uncertain, their legacy will undoubtedly have an impact on rising rock and metal bands for generations to come.

Check out the reasons why Linkin Park can be considered the biggest heavy band of all time below.

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