The conspiracy theory that the real Avril Lavigne is gone and was replaced with a body double is trending again. The theory has been circulating since 2011 which states that the singer was overcome with pressures of fame and depression and died by suicide after releasing her album Let Go.

A body double was first hired to distract paparazzi and was also taught to sing and perform just like Lavigne. "Melissa Vandella" the body double, replaced Lavigne following her death, which the record company covered up to make more money. The conspiracy theory also states that Lavigne's second album Under My Skin is full of subliminal messages from the body double who feels guilty for portraying the singer.

In her TikTok, which has gone viral, Lavigne addresses the conspiracy theory by giving examples of comments of her Instagram. The video states "every comment on my Instagram..." and with a punch motion and sound effect the text on her TikTok then says "Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated." Then as Lavigne kicks paired with another punching/hitting sound effect, the text reveals this common comment "Are you the real Avril?".

Her TikTok addressing the over-decade-old conspiracy theory has over 12 million views. The artist has been very active on TikTok and another recent video shows her recreating her Let Go album cover on the same street in New York 20 years later. You can watch both of Avril Lavigne's TikToks below.

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