Surprise, surprise, Big Ten Football is coming in October.

I had written about the University of Michigan and Michigan State football when the Big Ten Conference announced it would not happen in the fall but possibly in the spring.

Once the NFL kicked in last week, I figured awesome, I got some football.

I really didn't think the Big Ten would play seeing how most all schools have had problems with COVID-19 without there being any sports anyway.

Well according to FOX 17, the Big Ten has their season mapped out for an eight game run that will kick off the weekend of October 24 after a unanimous vote by the league's Council of Presidents and Chancellors.

I have caught bits and pieces of some college games on TV while taking breaks from yard work. Some games had no fans while other games fans were wall to wall.

I hope the Big Ten has not jumped the gun on this, because just because we have seen some games on TV, doesn't mean some of the games could become super spreader events since it hasn't been three or four weeks since those games first started taking place.

We saw from the South Dakota bike rally at Sturgis, it took a month before the cases started popping up that were traced back to the rally.

Heck even pro football has only been going a week so I guess we will find out sooner than later on which teams have the better safety plans in place.

On one hand, I'm glad for the student athletes who have waited a lifetime for this opportunity, especially the seniors. But I sure hope the schools put in the right precautions to keep the players safe.

The other issue is, we have already seen how hard it is to keep college kids from going to parties. I know the athletes are highly disciplined but they are teenagers who, well, like to party.

Nonetheless, fans of the Wolverines and Spartans have to be happy, well maybe except those who are season ticket holders.

My buddy is a season ticket holder for Notre Dame and since students and wealthy alumni get first dibs on tickets, he doesn't get to go to a game and only lives a couple miles from the Notre Dame Stadium.

Well I guess I let the schools worry about all that since I will be watching from the comfort of my home or listening on my radio.

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