Going through my Facebook, I keep seeing post regarding a big storm that will hit our area tomorrow. When I think of a big storm, I think of the storm back in May 1998 that pretty much blew everything over in the Grand Rapids/Walker area.

Will we see something similar tomorrow?

I don't think it will get that bad, those winds went up to over 100mph! However, this storm sent Phoenix, AR in some sort of state of emergency. Pretty brutal!

In my experience with storms, they are never as bad as they are chalked up to be. Especially winter time, with the exception of last winter...man, that sucked.

Whether the storm shows up and dominates, always treat a bad storm with caution. Meaning don't be an idiot and run outside naked or something, I won't be responsible if you get crushed by a falling tree or something.

On the other hand, storms are pretty awesome to watch. When I was a kid, I was devastated by tornadoes, and I really don't know why. I had never seen one in real life (still  haven't...)! Maybe it was the movie 'Twister' and Bill Paxton's amazing acting skills (sarcasm?)

Regardless, stay safe out there!