Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer, an actress and a competitive cutie.

Her story was made famous in the 2011 film "Soul Surfer." While surfing in 2003, Hamilton was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark, which bit off her left arm. But she refused to give up on becoming a surfing star and persevered, clinging to her dream and her faith.

More than a decade later, in addition to being an accomplished athlete, she's also an actress, model, author, motivational speaker and promotional spokesperson.

She has been featured in several films, including the just-released "Dolphin Tale 2;" and is also competing in the current season of CBS' "The Amazing Race" with her husband and fellow soul surfer, Adam Dirks.

She may be married, but so what?! Let's hang 10 with this 24-year-old Hawaiian surfing babe.

Plus, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and MySpace. That's right, MySpace!

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