The Lonely Ones are a band you may remember as being the ones who did that incredible cover of Queen's "Flash" and "The Hero," which drew praise from Queen guitarist Brian May himself. The band is comprised entirely of former members of Bobaflex, who disbanded in 2019.

With their new song "Change the Station" out now, we thought we would have some fun and ask them to talk about their favorite 'second bands' prominent rock artists have been in. As is the case with supergroups and second chances, some of the bands feature members who are part of even more than two groups. All right, Jymmy and Marty, time to turn things over to you two...

Hey there!

This is Jymmy Tolland and Marty McCoy from The Lonely Ones. We were in one band then we started a new band — who just released our label debut single "Change The Station" via Imagen Records.

As your resident experts on the subject — here's the list of our favorite "second bands."

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The Lonely Ones, "Change the Station" Music Video

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