Bell's Brewery has a location in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is being sued for trademark infringement.

According to WOOD, apparently Bell's beer called "Deer Camp" is in a federal lawsuit with a company called Buck Baits LLC and Anthony M.T. Majewski of Sterling Heights.

Buck Baits claims it has been using the "Deer Camp" trademark on products beginning in 2015 and one of those products is a coffee.

Right now the trademark is hung up in the United States Patent and Trademark Office but the lawsuit claims it was filed for beer on December 2, 2019.

The lawsuit further states that due to confusion with the Plaintiff's existing Deer Camp mark on other products that Bell's trademark application was already denied in January 16, 2018.

Buck Bait's "Deer Camp" beer is infused with coffee but also fits the companies line of products that fall under the "Deer Camp" name.

Majewski was in the Upper Peninsula deer hunting and popped in to a local bar and that is when he discovered Bell's was using the "Deer Camp" name on a beer.

The lawsuit is to stop Bells from using the trademarked "Deer Camp" name and asking for financial compensation from the product that has been sold with the name on it.

The lawsuit is seeking financial compensation and wants Bells to stop using the “Deer Camp” name.

I guess we will have to wait for the outcome once this lawsuit has its day in court.

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