Today, a bunch of us got a cool opportunity to become Certified Tourism Ambassadors for Grand Rapids, thanks to Experience Grand Rapids.  

Being from out of town and not being here very long, this is a cool thing for me because I can learn more about the area and what's going on.

You'll get some history, fun stuff about the area, hidden gems to go check out and free stuff. I mean, who isn't, right? You also get some freebies to go check out lots of cool things around the area!

It's really fun to meet people excited about the area, who can tell you so much more about what's going on than the people you first meet when you come to town, who just say, "There's cool stuff here; wander around."

My goal is to explore more and find some of these really cool things around the area.

If you have any suggestions of things you like, some hidden gems around the area that a freakin' cool, let me know!

Did you know that there's a cool website they've built, called City-Twist, that finds cool stuff for you, based on the stuff you like to do!  

When you click on something you like, it'll pull up different things to do, restaurants you might like, and nightlife you might be into. Give it a spin, and see if there's something you haven't tried yet!

You'll get a cool pin and some free stuff. And, if you're really nice, the teacher will hook you up with some cookies! Mmmmmm, ... cookies.


CTA Materials

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