Some businesses and factories are beginning to re-open as the numbers of people catching the coronavirus continue to climb so this is a good time to remember to be extra safe.

I'm not here to preach to you or tell you what to do and how to live your life. That is all for you to decide what is best for your family while being courteous of others you may come in contact with.

It does feel nice to see that many folks are getting back to work now and other's real soon. Businesses who were deemed non-essential are beginning to re-open their doors.

As much as all of this feels good and is necessary, I just want to remind you to play it safe.

I'm not your dad or mom, but in order for all this to begin working, none of us should be letting our guard down against the COVID-19 virus, if anything I believe we should become even more vigilant.

I am sure each business and factory will have a plan in place but it never hurts to have one of your own. We are responsible for ourselves and if we maintain that responsibility at a business or a job it will contribute to a better environment not only for ourselves but the others that are around us.

Until there is a working vaccine and that may be a few years away according to scientists like Dr. Fauci, we must be vigilant and treat others as if we or I have the virus and are not trying to spread it to anyone else.

Some may call this paranoia, but I call it keep our guard up.

You most definitely will decide how you handle things moving forward into this pandemic and I will do my part to respect you by doing my best at taking all the necessary steps to protect you and I.

Please remember to be safer than you ever have and I'll do the same.

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