Metallica finally wrapped up the touring for their non-touring 2014!  The last show of their "By Request" show was at the Heavy Montreal festival on August 9th.

The tour was really cool the way they did it, with each city getting to vote on the songs the band played every night, except for the one new song, "Lords of Summer", which they played at the shows to tease the next Metallica album.

The band would show the final votes for the songs as they played, and also had fans on stage with them to introduce certain songs they had voted on!  Very cool idea, and a lot of bands wouldn't take that chance!

They also brought back the snake pit idea that they started way back on the black album tour in 1992, which puts fans sort of in the middle of the stage, with the band moving around them during the show.

Now, it's time for the band to buckle down and get the new album written and recorded, so we can get a US tour of their By Request show!